Why use U-Haul boxes?


At Dyersburg Self Storage

we have a variety of U-Haul moving boxes that you can pick up at any time. If we don’t have what you want, you can order them online and have them delivered to your door. We offer these at a competitive price and in most cases for less than the big box retailers.

Why Are U-Haul Boxes Better?

Because they’re stronger – U-Haul set the standard by requiring all of the boxes we sell to have a minimum structure. Importers, big box “discount” retailers and others pushing discount “moving kits” often offer boxes made with material that is 25 percent thinner! All U-Haul Boxes are made to precise standards from the strength and structure of each box to the specific sizing that allows our customers to take advantage of easy loading and proper stacking while moving or when used for storage.

How many do I need?

Check out the U-Haul Packing Planner Checklist to help you decide on an amount.

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