What type of lock should you use?

disclock6Everyday people lose their valuable items which are stolen from their self storage units.

Why? Because they choose to skimp on their lock! When criminals are on the prowl to commit a crime, their primary target is the low hanging fruit. In this case, it’s the storage unit they can most efficiently break into. Cheap padlocks can’t resist the force of even the most basic lock cutters. Within seconds the valuables contained in self storage units are exposed to criminals.

At Dyersburg Self Storage, we only sell disc padlocks, because they’re virtually indestructible. Yes, with the right tools and lots of energy, they can be removed. But… the time and equipment it takes to do so makes them a last resort target for criminals. Disc padlocks will protect your self storage unit better than any other lock on the market AND we offer them at one of the lowest prices around! This is just part of our commitment to help you “Store with peace of mind”!



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