What unit size do you need?

The following are suggested storage space uses, your needs may differ

Call us at (731) 287-1302 if you have any questions




Holds Approximately


5’ X 10’

50 square feet

About the size of a walk-in closet. Holds furnishings for a studio apartment or about 90 file boxes


10’ X 10’

100 square feet

Our most popular size. About the size of a small one car garage. Holds some home furnishings, ladders, washer & dryer or 200 file boxes


10’ X 15’

150 square feet

About the space of a large one car garage. Holds contents of a 2 bedroom apartment , carpet rolls, building materials


10’ X 20’

200 square feet

About the space of a small two car garage. This roomy unit is ideals for a small home, car, truck or construction equipment


10’ X 25’

250 square feet

About the space of an average two car garage. This unit will hold contents of a small home, a vehicle, retail inventory, construction materials and office files

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