What supplies do I need?

Having the right tools can make the job of moving so much easier. Here are some of the basics that we recommend: 

photo - tapePacking Tape

You’ll need packing tape to hold together your boxes. We recommend you get several rolls along with a dispenser. How much will you need?  One 60-yard roll will tape about 12 – 14 small boxes, 10 – 12 medium boxes, or 8 – 10 large or extra large boxes.

By the way, did you know there is a recommended taping method to help ensure secure seams while helping to prevent crushing:

  • Fold short flaps first
  • Next, fold long flaps and secure with three strips of tape down the center
  • Finally, place two final strips perpendicular about three inches from the edge.

Bubble Wrapphoto - bubble wrap

Yes, those plastic sheets with little air bubbles that kids love to play with. Bubble Wrap is invaluable for protecting anything breakables:

Dishes   –  Glasses  –  Mirrors  –  Fragile items

Permanent Markers

If you Inventory and mark boxes on all four sides, it will make the job of finding that “one thing” you need weeks from now (and unpacking later) much easier!

photo - shrink wrap)Stretch Wrap

Keep the drawers on your furniture secure while moving (don’t forget to pack things inside them first to maximize space)!

Other Items:

  • Packing Paper – clean, white newsprint. Useful in packing dishes, glasses, pictures & mirrors.
  • Foam Peanuts – adds a layer of cushion for dishes and other fragile items in your boxes
  • Utility knife – to cut tape, stretch wrap, paper. Great when you’re ready to unpack!

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